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Important Information for First-time International Customers:

Import taxes:
You may have to pay import taxes and/or customs duties. You may also be required to pay a brokerage (handling) fee for the shipment. These charges are separate from your shipping charge and you will be billed directly for them.

Declaration of Value and Product Description:
As a “green” company, we email your invoice for the majority of shipping methods offered by iHerb.com.

An invoice is required to be included with your order for two shipping methods: UPS and DHL International. The invoice will indicate the name of each product you ordered, the quantity of each item, and the cost.

Your shipping address, phone number and email address:
Please make sure your shipping address,  phone number and email are full and complete. The phone number or email  may be used by the shipping company to contact you in case they have problems delivering your order.

Customs information: iHerb will not be liable for packages refused or held by customs for delivery
We request that you contact your customs office and ask about import regulations and restrictions before placing your order. It is important for you to become familiar with Customs policies for your specific country before ordering. Customs regulations differ by country and not knowing their regulations can result in your order incurring high import duties, the delivery being delayed or even returned. Please check with your Customs office to see if your country permits the shipment of the products you are planning to order from us and if any additional licenses or permits are needed.

Please Note: If your order is returned to us due to a banned/restricted products policy, a wrong address, refusal to pay customs fees, refusal to accept the order or because no one was there to accept delivery of your order, we will refund your credit card as follows: You will be refunded the total amount of the order, minus the shipping charge, and 20% of the value of the order, (as a re-stocking fee). We will also subtract any other outside charges iHerb.com has incurred during shipping, such as warehousing fees, return postage fees, etc.

If the cost to return the product to us is larger than the cost of the refund due, we will instruct the carrier to abandon the order and there will be no credit for the order. If the product(s) is seized by customs, there will be no credit processed for the product(s).

Refunds are not available if you choose International Airmail as a shipping method and your order is lost. Also, refunds will not be issued until the returned packages are physically in our warehouse.

As a general rule:

Orders going through DHL or UPS have tracking information, and are delivered a lot quicker than International Airmail.

Orders going through International Airmail are scrutinized less by customs in your country and subject to less custom duties, but have no tracking information, and take longer for delivery.

Credit card verification for first-time customers:
For your protection and ours, it is important to make sure credit cards are being used by their proper owners. So, it is possible that customers ordering for the first time from iHerb.com may need to provide us with additional information to verify that you are the account holder. If that is necessary, we will let you know via email with a message from our verification team. (verify@iherb.com)

Why do we take these steps? Unlike credit card purchases made by US customers, international orders cannot be verified electronically or by telephone. The extra step of gathering this information is necessary for your protection and ours, to ensure that you are the actual credit card holder.

For further shipping information regarding your country, please add a product to the shopping cart, choose your country from the pull-down menu, and then click on "calculate." If there are issues we are aware of, we will let you know there.

Contact and Tracking Information:
DHL Tracking: 1-800-225-5345; http://www.dhl.com/en/express/tracking.html

UPS Tracking: 1-800-742-5877; http://www.ups.com/etracking/tracking.cgi

GSMNTON/우체국 서비스: 1855 1255 / 아이허브 전용게시판 http://www.gsmnton.com/gsm/handler/BordUser-List?ac=20 

CJ Korea Express: 070-4880-0942 / 070-4880 0943 (English) / E-mail: jeilec@e-jeil.kr

Sagawa Tracking: 072-456-5791; http://www.sagawa-sgx.com/sgx/trackeng.asp

Yamato Tracking: 03-3912-9698; https://ype.yamatoparcel.co.jp/ktt/YPE_Toiawase4.html

SingPost / CJ Express: http://customer.cjexpress.net/ParcelDelivery/InterSearchOrder.aspx?CNo=All&HAWBNo

UCS China: 24-3151-5566; cs@ucsus.com;  http://www.ucsus.com/

BoxBerry Tracking: 7 (495) 789-9790; http://boxberry.ru/