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Posted on May 17, 2023
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I asked the customer service of Eden Foods if the miso product is pasteurized. they gave me the following awesome answer - "No. Conventional batch or continuous methods of pasteurization involves directly subjecting the product to heated tubes or plates of circulating hot water or steam for long periods of time, ultra-high temperature (UHT), or high pressure plus high temperature. The manufacturers of Eden Organic Miso do not subject the raw miso to heated plates or tubes for long periods of time, use ultra-high temperature or high-pressure processing. The process that our manufacturer uses is referred to as 'water bathing.' The fermented raw miso is first packaged and sealed. The packages are then soaked, by suspending them, in hot water at a temperature well below boiling and only for several minutes. The packages are then removed and allowed to cool naturally. Due to the presence of barley and/or rice in the production of these types of miso, fermentation is more active. When this active miso is placed in small, tightly sealed packaging, undesirable yeasts and bacteria form rapidly due to the starch in the grain and lack of oxygen and can result in mold developing in the miso. Eden Organic Hacho does not contain grain starch, fermentation is not as active, and it contains more protein than other types of miso. Undesirable yeasts and bacteria do not develop in this high protein miso, therefore hacho does not require hot water bathing. Heat bathing slows down the fermentation process, which prevents the package from exploding during shipping, and prevents undesirable yeasts and bacteria from forming. Low temperature, short duration water bathing such as our manufacturer uses produces only minute changes in enzymatic action, but if left alone or exposed to more oxygen they will reappear by feeding off the surrounding ingredients of the miso. In other words, all of the beneficial bacteria and enzymes are not destroyed and they will eventually replenish themselves after the package is opened."