MCT oil is a potent source of fatty acids. It may help with weight loss and digestive health.

MCT oil has a number of health benefits ranging from increased energy levels to improved digestive function. These oils contain medium-chain triglycerides (or MCTs), which are fatty acids that can be hard to come by in conventional Western diets. People looking to increase their fatty acid intake should add MCT oil to their dietary regimen.

MCT Oil Versus Coconut Oil

For many years, coconut oil was the best source of MCTs on the market. Of the fatty acids in coconut oil, more than 60 percent are MCTs. Eventually, however, scientists started to isolate MCTs and create oils with a much higher concentration of these essential fatty acids.

The Benefits of MCT Oil

MCT Oil and Weight Loss

Some people believe that MCT oil helps people to lose weight. This is due to the positive effect of these acids on the metabolism. Because they are easy to digest and absorb, the body burns them off as fuel rather than storing them as fat. MCT oil also provides antioxidant protection that lowers the chances of weight gain.

To use MCT oil as a weight loss supplement, many people follow the "bulletproof coffee" recipe. This recipe combines coffee, MCT oil, and butter, and advises people to drink it every morning for breakfast. It may help to boost mental clarity and decrease hunger pangs.

Regular use of MCT oil may have benefits similar to the keto diet. This diet cuts carbs, forcing the body to produce ketones, the physical byproducts of the process that turns fat into energy. MCT oil may stimulate ketone production without requiring carbohydrate restriction.

MCT Oil and Energy

Fatty acids play an important role in the brain. To keep the brain sharp and focused, the body needs fatty acids. Because MCT oil is so easy to absorb, it gives the brain an instant boost of clarity and energy. Use it in combination with an energy supplement containing caffeine or resveratrol to optimize focus and energy levels.

MCT Oil and Digestive Health

MCT oil is also beneficial for digestion and stomach issues because it helps to balance gut bacteria. It also promotes the absorption of other vitamins and minerals, which is essential to digestive health. It is especially powerful when combined with digestion health supplements like probiotics.

MCT Oil and Heart Health

MCT oil's metabolic benefits lower the risk of obesity. This, in turn, lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. This oil also has anti-inflammatory properties, which can assist with heart health. Try using it with a heart health supplement like premium fish oil capsules.